Seguimos presentando el trabajo de artistas valientes que se arriesgan por dar a conocer la verdad a través de su arte.

La música y el arte en general representan un arma maravillosa para luchar contra el MAL. Todos nosotros podemos colaborar con nuestro propio arte a nuestra manera. Nosotros intentamos aplicar el nuestro en el blog y en nuestros documentales.

¿Te animas a aplicar el tuyo?

Remo Conscious

Esta vez os presentamos a Remo Conscious, un cantante de rap norteamericano que en su reciente disco «Infiltration» (2006) da apoyo a los movimientos que piden la reapertura de la investigación del 11-$ y defiende la teoría del «9/11 was an inside job» («el 11-$ fue un trabajo interno»). Es decir, que el 11-$ fue perpetrado por el mismo gobierno de los EEUU.

Colaboró en la banda sonora del magnífico documental «Loose Change 2nd Edition«.

Web oficial de Remo Conscious:

Os adjuntamos dos videoclips y sus respectivas letras al final del post.

Videoclip de «WE KNOW» (Nosotros sabemos)

Videoclip de «LIES» (Mentiras)

En su web oficial da apoyo a los colectivos y sites que luchan por difundir la verdad:


Written by Remo Conscious
Music by Remo Conscious


We all know where you’re going
we know that you’re out there
You can’t hide forever
We know that you’re out there

Verse 1

It was a September morning when America was tricked
By sick men with strict plans to create conflict
And get rich by any means even if it meant death
For innocent civilians, the stage was set
For a New American Century where world domination
Is motivation enough for the towers cremation
Complete obliteration, for all to see
A public execution on live TV
Programmed to strike fear in the young and old
Who naively trade freedom for government control
Thinking the system will keep ‘em safe from terror
But truth is they’re the killers and the pallbearers
The masters of deception are running the globe
They lack souls sold our sons and daughters for black gold
In full attack mode, it’s the final push
What the Reichstag was for Hitler 9/11 is for Bush


Think Operation Northwood’s 62
Evidence there’s no limit to the evil they’ll do
They planned to blow up planes and blame it on Cuba
This ain’t conspiracy theory or a rumor
So why would it be difficult to believe?
That these parasitical thieves live just like fleas
Surviving off the blood of murdered civilians
Then smile and praise Jesus like schizo chameleons
This ain’t a war on terror it’s a war on truth
I’ll believe Osama did it when you show me the proof
Those who could of make it happen worked on the inside
Who called Willie Browne and warned him not to fly
This was domestic terrorism at the highest level
Bush, Cheyney, Rumsfeld in league with the devil
Boeing, Unocal, Halliburton and more
Corporate mercenaries benefiting from war



And we know what you did
And we know what you did

Verse 3

As for you puppet journalists who spew fiction as fact
And bury lies Bush told to invade Iraq
and Afghanistan you’re a part of the scam
That allows the carnage of child woman and man
The 9/11 commissions rendition of truth is fiction
Tower 7 ain’t mentioned why the omission
Of it’s controlled demolition, Silverstone said “pull it”
There’s more spin on your book than that magic bullet
From Pennsylvania to the lawn of the Pentagon,
The con’s on, you sent pawns with fangs drawn like pythons
And spawned another Saigon for cash
Oil profits soar as rockets crash
It was a high rise genocide, planed from the inside
NORAD let it fly
Bush-Qaeda, ISI
Got the world terrorized,

your lies don’t justify globalize homicide.

. . .


Written by Remo Conscious
Music by Remo Conscious

It may have started with the Easter Bunny
or St. Nicolas even more ridiculous the Tooth Fairy
From there we’re forced to recite the pledge – Hail Mary
One nation under god? Why us?
Don’t question son you’ll burn in hell
Pay attention to the lies that we’re told to tell
Teacher teaches us Columbus was a hero – he stole lands
He stole lives of so called Indians
From the Tainos to the Africans – respect Thomas Jefferson?
he molested Sally Hemmings
And now they say Regan was a great man
The godfather of Crack Babies – denier of the AIDS plague
I ran fast as I could to the library
To find out they trace the books I read
these lies got me surrounded there’s a war on truth
And it all may have started with that first lost tooth

Lies, its all lies
Everything they say
Lies, they keep telling lies
We hear em’ everyday
Do you think that we don’t know
That you’re up to no good
When you’re tellin’ lies

They say milk does a body good! How so, it
causes disease-don’t trust me read about
BGH and IGF-1
The Dairy industry has us drinking poison
Got Milk? Better yet, how ‘bout Got Cancer?
Got a sick prostate and you’re looking for answers?
And while we trust the FDA to protect us
These mad cows are milking us all the way to the bank
From cell phones to pharmaceuticals
children forced vaccinations that carry plague and chemicals
Corporate thugs push drugs like evangelists push miracles
Monsanto, Bayer, Proctor and Gamble
Fluoride in our water supply has got us cockeyed
And still they lie
Telling us it’s for own good
First used in Nazi prison camps now it’s in our hoods


From Fox News to the New York Post
and all and these lying Neo-Con right-wing news show hosts
Bill O’Reilly makes me nauseous, Hanity and Colmes are drones for these greedy corporate monsters
Feeding lies to the public, they love it, we’re puppets
Intimidated and Controlled by color codes
Where lie becomes truth and truth becomes myth
Lost in the Rupert Murdoch and Clear Channel abyss
If you don’t agree with Bush then you’re un-patriotic
Even though you’ve never known a man this psychotic
In control of the so called land of brave
We’ve become timid and afraid eager to become slaves
The Patriot Act is for the good of the people
Is like saying the Bush Regime will protect us from evil
How many lies can they tell in just four years
I say the worst is yet to come so it’s time to prepare


We saw the towers fall to ashes like they where laced with bombs
Are you sure only 2 planes did that harm?
You told us flight 77 hit the Pentagon
But there’s no photo of parts man plus the science is wrong
You let it happen, like FDR did Pearl Harbor
So you could profit from war just like your father
Taking lives and oil in the name of freedom
While innocent are either tortured, left homeless or bleeding
Death to America – is what they scream
while you preach freedom and the American dream
Troops dying, mother crying, still to trying to cope
While your denying, that the dangers from Iraq was a hoax
Your not a man of the people just a product of evil
Greed, Power and God, a combination that’s lethal
So deceitful it’s criminal but soon the truth will rise




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